Megaministry Monday: Baby Christians, Bomb Scares and Television Dramarama

It’s Monday, and also America Day. Which means that this Canadian gets her perch at Duke Divinity School all to herself. Free work day! And time to send out the carrier pigeons to give you the first Megaministry Monday Roundup, a scholarly eye on things that shine.

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    Pastor Rick Warren declares 2017 as the “Year of Hope.” It might seem like a long time to wait for hope, but it’s a surprisingly important job–telling spiritual time. Just google any recent year and the phrase “the year of.” Evangelicals and Pentecostals, in particular, might not use the liturgical calendar much, but their megaministers have become modern day heralds of sacred time

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    Last week, James Dobson made news for his announcement that Donald Trump was a “baby Christian.” And then walked it back with a “Only the Lord knows the condition of a person’s heart.” Divine mystery saves the day!

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    Not a peep on the Megaministry Twittersphere about the recent bomb scare at the nation’s only LGBTQ megachurch. Are ministries too much like professors, often clueless about worlds outside their own? Or are theological differences over same-sex relationships turning compassion into silence?

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    Oprah’s new television drama makes a Memphis black megachurch the stage for a soapy swim through the prosperity gospel, big Sunday money, and spiritual dynasties. And, oh yeah, a ton of juicy love triangles and intrigue that make all of our lives look boring.

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    And, lastly, another great think piece on how Donald Trump can find himself politically and spiritually “born again.”

So that’s it for this Monday. See you next week, when I’ve come down off the high of celebrating July 1: Dominion Day. I mean, sorry, it’s newer name: Canada Day. We’re no longer being Dominated. We have Justin Bieber.

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