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A blessing for Ukraine

God, the unthinkable has happened.

Swiftly, relentlessly,
by stealth and through open destruction,
the peace and beauty of the ordinary,
has been shattered in a day.

O God of justice and might,
We call to you to come and bring this suffering to an end.
Comfort these trembling hearts.
Shield the vulnerable.
Strengthen those with the resources and the resolve
to protect what they love
in the face of such overwhelming force.

Grant wisdom to the nations of our world, to our leaders, and to us,
to grasp the unfathomable,
to see evil in its true light,
and come against it unflinchingly.

Dear Ukraine,
though we shudder to watch what is happening
We will not look away.

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11 months ago

Thank you for sharing these words in a time such as this.

Hector Garfias-Toledo
11 months ago

Let us pray for te awareness that this war is not just a random event. It is the result of our human greed, it has been a long war that has resulted in the current situation. Let’s ask God to help us to see the truth, to stand against policies of intervention, military power dictating what to do, and the tendency to be carried away by the narrative of those in power, the empire. Let us pray that God will change hearts and minds, and the actions of our politicians who continue to plant fear and serve the powerful, regard… Read more »

Patti Mortensen
10 months ago

This poem is gorgeous and true. Thank you for putting my feelings into words. Somehow it makes this easier to handle.

Ross West
10 months ago

Thank you for this wise and helpful prayer.

Kris Simpson
10 months ago

Thank you for addressing the hard parts. Peace be with you. #StandingWithUkraine

Nancy Price
10 months ago

I am curating twice-weekly prayer services for Pastor Molly Vetter of Westwood UMC in Los Angeles. Each Thursday during Lent we are praying for Ukraine, and I would like to use this blessing/prayer for one of those days, possibly March 31 or April 7. Of course, I will give credit to you if you give me permission to use it.

Team Everything Happens
10 months ago
Reply to  Nancy Price

That is so kind. Yes, you are welcome to use this at your service. Thank you!

Carol Cannon
10 months ago

Thank you for this blessing. It speaks to my heart.
My ancestors were Mennonites who immigrated from the Ukraine to southwestern Minnesota in the 1870’s. Therefore, I feel an odd connection with the situation in the Ukraine today. Did your ancestors also immigrate from the Ukraine?
Praying for shalom — for the people of the Ukraine, the people of the United States, and all the nations of the world

6 months ago

May blessings reach Ukraine and may peace be restored

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