The Two Month Challenge

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Every two months I walk up to the edge of the cliff. Will I live another two months of uninterrupted life? Meandering walks with Zach. A deep pour of wine on a patio somewhere. Everything begins to feel like it … Continued


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I was twenty-two when I got married. Young. Dumb. Happy. And quick on my feet. That was fourteen years ago today. I married the boy I met at Bible camp because he was funny and kind and absurdly good looking. … Continued

Room With a View

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In about five minutes, Mr. Hospital Scrubs is going to pump something that looks like blue Kool-Aid into my veins and slowly push me into a whirling, deafening CT machine. I’ll hold my breath on and off so they can … Continued

Goodbye Emory, Hello Duke

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Late last year a miracle occurred when Kate was admitted to an experimental trial of an immunotherapy drug at Emory University in Atlanta. Further miracles provided for some out-of-state insurance coverage and air fare for her flights from Durham. There … Continued


As every schoolchild knows, the verb “shrink” comes from the Old English scrincan, which in turn is derived  from an older Scandinavian word: skrynka, meaning “to wrinkle”. Shrink is an important word to people with nasty tumours on their liver; shrinkage … Continued

Chasm, meet Bridge

Some of you may have seen a recent interview with Kate in Christianity Today or read her piece in the New York Times. Many comments on these articles have described her as “dying from cancer” but Kate thinks that a better description … Continued


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I have had two untouchably perfect moments in my life. One was running down the aisle with my new husband on our wedding day. And the other was when they put baby Zach in my arms, and our eyes met, … Continued