Care Package For The Suffering - Kate Bowler

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It is hard to be the person that just got the diagnosis. It feels surreal and terrible, and I'm sorry that it's you. I really am.

So since it's you, let's see what to do now. The world has been reordered. You are now at the center of a universe that you weren't trying to create. But it's not your fault that things are different now. It will be hard to be needy, to ask for the care you deserve. It will be hard to remember that you are not the bad thing. You are beautiful and loved and exactly the same level of completely wonderful, lovable person that you were before. I know you lost something, but that doesn't mean you're less you. It's just changed.

I have put together a small care package that will be delivered to your inbox that I hope you will find helpful if you or someone you love has recently been diagnosed.

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