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Weekly Blessings

We need renewal when so many of us are spread too thin by our chronic lives and chronic pain and chronic days. If we’re honest, we’d probably admit that we are exhausted by all we have to continue to bear up. We need rest, and we may not know where to find it. 

We need blessings for the lives we actually have. The ones that are tired, burdened, grief-filled, average, lovely, and garbage. Each Wednesday, I’ll send you a blessing to your inbox. A few prayerful words that might offer you space to speak honestly about how beautiful and terrible our regular days can be. Perhaps, we might find a minute to be human together. In our hopes for a season that doesn’t stress us out more. And in the real days that ask a little too much of us anyway. 

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Life is hard. But we don’t have to go it alone. Let’s do this together.