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Top 10 Gifts I Want in the Hospital

Despite the renovated hallways and determinedly cheerful lobby pianist playing “Wind Beneath My Wings,” the hospital is not always the place I want to be. The best way to comfort someone in the hospital is (spoiler alert) not a teddy bear from the gift shop with HUGS embroidered on its fuzzy abdomen. 
Spending days in a hospital bed can be uncomfortable and downright miserable. Little gestures that make me feel more human and connected to the outside world go a long way to making the experience a little easier. 
Want to be an Awesome Hospital VisitorFriend™? Sneak one of these ten things through security.
1. Socks/Slippers
Save me from the fate of frozen toes. 
2. Compliments + Snide Remarks 
Remind me my innumerable wonderful qualities have not diminished + that everyone who annoys me is still The Worst. 
3. Audiobooks
Or gift cards for Audible!
4. Starbucks (or gift cards!)
I’m funnier when I’m caffeinated. 
5. Facewash/Tweezers
Because there is no reason for tragedy AND a monobrow.
6. Pedicure/foot massage
Gross? Maybe. Amazing? Yes.
7. Dry shampoo 
See notes on facewash. 
8. Extra-long phone/computer charger
Bachelor in Paradise season drama stops for no one. 
9. Funny messages or musical numbers
Bonus points if you include choreography, baby animals or puns. 
10. News
Above all, keep me connected with my humanness. Tell me everything – especially the boring, average stuff. 
Dry Shampoo

Keep these 10 hospital gifts in mind, and you’ll be a certified Awesome Hospital VisitorFriend™ in no time! 

Stay kind out there.

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Clay Hummer
5 years ago

I hope you are doing well. I get to do my stay in the hospital at the end of October, for scans concerning my Stage 3 Melanoma.
Looking forward to the new book (will you be narrating the audiobook?)

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