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BOOK LAUNCH DAY: No Cure For Being Human (and other truths I need to hear)

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Gondola Prayers
When I was 5-years-old our family went on one of those gondolas up a mountain in British Columbia, Canada, and
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When I was five, I played the cello for the first time in a music festival. Music festival is a
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The Cure for Sorrow by Jan Richardson
  We don’t live in a culture of blessing. We live in a culture of #blessed. #Blessed is attached to anything
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oh God, this plague has already lasted so long and taken so much from kids and their teachers, and now
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a blessing for the safety of the people of afghanistan
o God, we have seen the heartbreaking images of Afghan people in peril after its takeover by the Taliban. o God,
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a blessing for when you just can't find any peace
God, I am troubled in spirit and there doesn’t seem to be an end to it.show me the way toward
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