Bless the Lent We Actually Have

40-Days to Read, Reflect, and Bless Our Imperfect Lives

Free downloadable guides for whatever this season is bringing you—
the lovely, the garbage, the difficult, the heartbreaking.
Let’s bless it all this Lent.


Want to use this Individually?

Download the daily
Lent guide here.


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group guide here.


Want a corresponding sermon guide?

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sermon guide here.

Daily Devotional Guide

For Individual Use

Download this free guide for 40 Daily Prompts to Reflect, Pray, and Bless our Imperfect Days.

Group Discussion Guide

For Group Use

A free weekly group discussion guide for small groups, book clubs, supper clubs, or Sunday Schools (includes tips and tricks for leading a group discussion).

Sermon Guide

For Pastors or Chaplains

This free sermon guide includes homily ideas tied to each week’s lectionary text, as well as corporate blessings to pray over your congregation (also includes branding and marketing if you want to make this a church-wide theme).