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Our goal with Everything Happens is to create rich language and vibrant community that sustains us when life comes apart. Below, you’ll find categories that may be good starting points for you. Inside are a mix of podcasts, blessings, support guides, and bonus resources that we hope will be useful.

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Select the starting point that best fits what you need today. Inside, you’ll find curated blessings, podcast conversations, free resources and more.

Support Guides

Curated blessings, conversations, and encouragement for when life comes apart.

Bless the Advent We Actually Have: Free Advent Devotional

Join us as we celebrate the great inversion—God coming to Earth in the form of a human baby—together. Seeing the world as it really is. Practicing hope for the coming King. Celebrating generosity and love any chance we get using this 4-week devotional (available to print or access online).


seasonal Devotionals

Free Advent Devotionals

Check out our free Advent devotionals, reflections, resources, and guides as we celebrate Advent and Christmas together.

seasonal Devotionals

Free Lent Devotionals

Looking for a ritual to guide your Lenten practice? Check out our Free Lent guides, reflections, and devotionals.

Free Downloads

Good Enough Excerpt

Good Enough: 40ish Devotions for a Life of Imperfection gives permission for all those who need to hear that there are some things you can fix—and some things you can’t. And it’s okay that life isn’t always better.
DOWNLOAD Good Enough Excerpt

While It Was Yet Dark: A 7-Session Easter Practice

Each session includes a short video teaching (6-9 minutes) from Kate on themes of interdependence, limited agency, precarity, and joy, discussion questions, and printable downloads to use with friends. Together, we will explore how to live into joy in the midst of uncertainty.

Discussion Guides

Free discussion guides for our favorite episodes and books to use with your churches or groups or book clubs.