Everything Happens for a Reason: And Other Lies I've Loved - Kate Bowler

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Advance praise for Everything Happens for a Reason

(and Other Lies I've Loved)


Everything Happens For a Reason and other lies I've loved“I fell hard and fast for Kate Bowler. Her writing is naked, elegant, and gripping—she’s like a Christian Joan Didion. I left Kate’s story feeling more present, more grateful, and a hell of a lot less alone. And what else is art for? Everything Happens for a Reason is art in its highest form, and Kate Bowler is a true artist—with the pen, and with her life.”—Glennon Doyle, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Love Warrior and president of Together Rising

“A meditation on sense-making when there’s no sense to be made, on letting go when we can’t hold on, and on being unafraid even when we’re terrified. And it happens to be hilarious. Above all, though, this is a love letter to life, and it’s gorgeous.”—Lucy Kalanithi, MD, FACP, clinical assistant professor of medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine

“This is a beautifully written, intelligent, soulful book, necessary reading for all of us who long to walk faithfully and honestly through the darkest and most desolate of seasons.”—Shauna Niequist, New York Times bestselling author of Present Over Perfect

“Kate Bowler has stage IV cancer, and she faces it with courage and questions: Does everything happen for a reason? Is there a master plan? How can she best live with a beloved husband and young son while facing death? In this profound memoir she searches for answers with intelligence, honesty, and a wonderfully wry humor. She comes to the simplest conclusion of all: ‘Life is beautiful. Life is hard.’ Accepting these two truths side-by-side can change the way we live. As ordinary an act as making coffee becomes luminous with gratitude, and gratitude is its own kind of prayer. This is a book for all of us who have sought meaning in catastrophe, and needed a way to live on.”—Abigail Thomas, New York Times bestselling author of A Three Dog Life

“The Kate Bowler you will come to know in this book is 100 percent real: honest, brave, holy, ridiculous, profane, hilarious, human—her fierce and beautiful words will make you ugly-cry and laugh out loud inappropriately in public places, and they will make you long for the courage to tell the truth about your life.”—Amy K. Butler, senior minister, The Riverside Church 

“[Bowler] delivers raw emotion, realistic description, and candid assessments . . . An inspiring story of finding faith—in God, in family, and in oneself—while walking close to the Valley of the Shadow of Death.”Kirkus Reviews

"With grace, wisdom, and humor...Bowler’s lovely prose and sharp wit capture her struggle to find continued joy after her diagnosis. This poignant look at the unpredictable promises of faith will amaze readers." Publishers Weekly

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