The Love and Paper Project - Kate Bowler

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After I was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer at age 35, I wanted a cure for everything. 

  • A cure for cancer.
  • A cure for suffering.
  • A cure for heartbreak. 
  • A cure for fear. 

Sometimes we can fix our lives. And sometimes we can’t. Our lives are simply built with paper walls, and we need our neighbors and communities and one another to hold together our collective fragility. 

In a culture that pressures us to only talk about the oh-so-shiny things, (Chin up! Think Positively! Find the silver lining!) we wanted to create a space for you to name the ways in which being human can be both beautiful, terrible, and, well, incurable

Life is so hard. Life is so beautiful. Thank you for helping us name all of the precarity that is in between. Join us by filling in the prompt below.

In my life, there’s no cure for…

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