a blessing as lent begins

Blessed are you, ready to open yourself to a new joy, a doorway that until now has been hidden. 

In this culture of acquisition and gain, blessed are you who desire fresh ears to hear what might be a bit too loud. Who take the next step to turn it down a notch and make more space for God. 

Who discipline yourself, with time, intention, and hope, anticipating God to show up in your discomfort. Trusting that when we need God, God promises to be there.

God, give me courage, give me strength, give me hunger for You. Let this set time of less be a chance for more of You. 

Let this fast be an entrance into the discernment I desire, the divine presence I’m longing for, and the hope to will what You will, oh God, to be who You’ve called me to be.

a blessing from Good Enough