a blessing for a beautiful terrible day

a blessing for a beautiful, terrible day

blessed are we who see the suffering, the damage done to body and spirit, the need that dares not hope. we who know what it feels like to languish. who live in the place where pain and joy meet.

God, today both the beautiful and the terrible are so intensely present. help me live here, seeing the whole truth of what is.

blessed are we who walk toward the suffering, bringing what gifts we have, and our sufferings too, whether of illness or loss, grief or betrayal, confusion or powerlessness.

blessed are we who come to You so close that we can whisper our loves, our fears, our unspeakable secrets, all that feels too heavy to carry alone, and all that we wish we could hold onto for longer.

it is the beautiful that tells me what I love, and the terrible that tells me what I never want to lose.

Lord Jesus, may I learn to flourish here, even here! alongside the full reality of this beautiful, terrible day. Amen.