a blessing for a gentle summer

Blessed are we,
coming into this summer
of in-between.

We are glad to shelter here awhile.
where there can be some recovery
from all that our eyes have seen
and our hearts have borne.

We are wondering…
what just happened?

The tragedy on slow-release,
the shock of sudden outrage,
the variants of unusual size,
the sweet sense that normal
maybe isn’t obsolete.

We are wondering….
what could happen?

We are at a threshold,
a season that holds
liminal space for what was,
and what might be.

God, gather us close,
and in this small and cradled space
may we let the whole weight
of our very selves rest secure.

Be the peace that settles our bodies,
that we might awaken each day,
curious as to what new thing
You are doing,
what beauty might yet be.