a blessing for a little boost in the morning

Today is new, oh God,
The light is gathering and spilling onto everything. The sleeping and the sleepy.
The trees brushing the window.
Even the unwashed dishes know it’s time.

What a gift.

Lord, you know the obstacle course ahead.
The intractability of most of my problems.
The irritations I will need to smile through.
The forgetfulness that will undo my best efforts. And the fights I will need to pick because someone really should.

But bring me back to this moment, God.
The gratitude that rises up within me
lifts my eyes and settles my soul.
Resurrection has happened again today—
you made the sun rise,
and brought love to the world already,
in the shape of a cross.

The hardest work is already done.
The work that remains is simply more of it: more love, more trust,
more faith in the unseen pleasure you take just gazing at us, sitting here.
We look ahead at a day that we can’t control but will be, somehow, already yours.

*From our new book of blessings, THE LIVES WE ACTUALLY HAVE (2/14/23)