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A Blessing for an Unfinishable Day

God, it seems that stopping is impossible.

Dishes need to be washed.
Kids need to be fed.
Aging parents need to be cared for.
Deadlines need to be met.
Medicines need to be administered.
Diapers always need to be changed.
(They multiply if I sleep, after all.)

Can you ease the burden of perfection?

Free me from this fantasy
of the better me—my
new exercise regime,
my sumptuous (healthy!) new recipes,
the way the perfect placement
of my living room furniture
would flatter the afternoon light
on my social media feed.

God, make me more than perfect.
Make me more than a job or role,
or what I had planned for my golden years.

Make me something less predictable
than my to-do lists
and daily calendar.

In this culture of more, more, more,
make me less.

Less tidy and afraid,
less polished and buttoned up,
less prideful and judgmental.

Turn down the volume of my expectations,
and let me hear the birds sing
another lovely truth:

I am deeply and wholly loved.
I am beautiful and somehow delightful
even as I am unfinished.

This blessing is from our new book of blessings, The Lives We Actually Have (coming 2/14/23)

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Polly Parker
4 months ago

Blessings for an unfinishable day seems to be written for a younger generation. I’m 73 and realize I’m unfinished but not seeking perfection. This is a chapter of acceptance and gratitude. I listen and hear the birds sing every day. Thanks Kate. Your blessing causes me to reflect on how blessed I am. Polly

4 months ago

I love your thoughts, writing, and podcasts and I just preordered the new book coming out in February. You are a treasure Kate Bowler and you are in my thoughts and ear buds daily. Much love to you and your amazing team!

4 months ago

Great encouragement in reference to the pursuit of perfection Looking forward to the book.

“I used to have to be in charge of everything. I’ve retired from being in charge.
I have replaced being in charge with the pursuit of wonderment. And I’m not even sure what that looks like. But I’m learning.”

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