a blessing for becoming real

Blessed are we who are becoming,
who have lived so long
in this strange state we call time
that it shows. We are changing,
and that’s how we know
we are alive.

Blessed are you who see the
evidence of your own becoming,
the places where you are worn
from so much loving.

The laugh lines from jokes
that made your belly ache.
Crow’s feet from squinting
to see the stars. Stretch marks from
growing babies, building muscle,
enjoying delicious meals.

And yes, the places that hurt.
That are visibly still wounded
and sore, that change
how you move or how you live.

Blessed are you, seeing all this
as evidence of loss, yes,
but also of life,
because what is real is
now showing through.

Blessed are you who
do not despise your realness.
It may hurt.
You may not recognize yourself
in the mirror. But this is
what we hoped for, right?

To live and love.
To be loved.
To have our experiences
show on our faces
and in our cells.

It is the real life of Jesus in us,
being made visible,
as all our seams show.

**This blessing can be found in Good Enough: 40ish Devotionals for a Life of Imperfection.