a blessing for being human

Blessed are we, living in this small space,
in these bodies we now inhabit,
within the walls of circumstance,
in these short years and finite strength,
and with these eyes that see only so far.

We are fragile, contingent beings.

Yet blessed are we,
recognizing that it is our limits as well as our gifts
that can shape the natural contours of what is possible,
that guide us to what is ours to do.

Blessed are we when it is not our greatness that speaks, but our littleness.
For it is our vulnerability that is the truest thing about us,
the place where mutual connection is possible,
where competition ends and community begins.

And oh how blessed are we in our fragility and dependence and brokenness,
knowing that You, O God, hold all things together.

There is no cure for being human…but for each other, we are all good medicine.