A Blessing for Collective Grief (when thoughts and prayers are not enough) - Kate Bowler

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A Blessing for Collective Grief (when thoughts and prayers are not enough)

This world. 

We are brought to our knees. 
God, today, there is no true north.
And when I last checked, 
the sun did not rise at all. 
Today, the innocent still suffer,
teachers still risk their lives,
families still grieve.

A world has ended without 
any reasonable fanfare. 
And we are sold the fantasy that nothing can be done. 

Help us to know what to feel – rage, grief, sorrow.
And what to do – advocate, protest, lament. 

Blessed are we who let reality in,
though our bodies shudder.

Blessed are we who ask and wait, and ask again
for the courage to change our culture 
whose laws and complicity subsidize death.

God, give us hope that seems hard to find.

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8 months ago

Thank you! We need blessings.

Chris Snyder
8 months ago

Thank you for always keeping it real and saying what needs to be said out loud!! I so appreciate hearing your words in these times.

Diane Schulz
8 months ago

Your prayer for collective grief is exactly what I’m feeling and thinking. Thank you for putting it in such truthful words!

Lisa Norton
8 months ago

Your words are a balm. I have come to rely on your beautiful blessings and wonderful podcasts to remind me that we indeed, all of us, live precarious lives, I love your books and refer back to them often. Mostly I read your beautiful blessings on the daily. Thank you.

Denise Shine
8 months ago

Your prayers start my day. These days are so hard.

8 months ago

Thanks for this prayer–it is beautiful. It calls for action without setting up polarities.

8 months ago

I really needed this prayer today. Thank you.

8 months ago

Really needed this today. Thank you.

Joan Marie Harris
8 months ago

When my heartwrenching grief felt too huge to bear and too big for words, this beautiful, powerful prayer came to my inbox. I am so grateful!

8 months ago

With so much loss and suffering…we pause at time to stop & silence our minds enough to allow grief and remembering to become our guiding light. While we summons the courage to speak out precisely what needs to be said with courage that only comes with wisdom. Blessings to the families who grieve deep and tragic loss. Let’s hope this is a time for societal change to turn in all the right directions.

Karen gelnett
8 months ago

Thank you, give us hope God….😥

Gene Hutter
8 months ago

How long O Lord must we keep waiting . . .

Marcy Withrow
8 months ago

Such a beautiful prayer, and one that is so needed right now. Thank you for your light, hope, and laughter. I am a long time listener of your podcast, reader of your books, and have shared your words with my family and friends. I have wanted to write you for several years but I am a procrastinator of sorts. Know that you are so appreciated.

8 months ago

Thoughtful words for an unthinkable time (again). The parts I keep on repeat –
“Help us to know what to feel – rage, grief, sorrow.
And what to do – advocate, protest, lament. 
God, give us hope that seems hard to find.”

Thank you for putting words to the wordless gutpunch I’ve been holding.

Joanne Dreyer
8 months ago

Thank you for these words.

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