A blessing for learning to delight again. - Kate Bowler

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A blessing for learning to delight again.

blessed are you, the pragmatic. you who have run the math and know what adds up… and what doesn’t. you have set it all down. you who don’t hope or dream or plan anymore because… what’s the point?

but blessed are you, learning to live here. your world has shrunk. pain or grief or fear has sucked up every bit of oxygen from the room and every ounce of delight has been squeezed from your hands.

but blessed are we, who discover that even in the smallness, our attention might compress even more.

we who pull out a magnifying glass to discover… to notice… to taste… to smell… the small joys and simple pleasures that make a life worth living.

you who wear the fancy blouse because it makes you feel nice, long after you thought your body was worth decorating. you who eat the over-the-top meal because that is what today can afford.

you who make the memory and plan the trip and who snap a picture because we know that this one, wild, precious life might cost us everything… so why not make it not just bearable, but beautiful.

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1 year ago

Thank you for this encouraging post. It brings to mind The Art of Noticing by Rob Walker and his ongoing newsletters on The Art of Noticing. How much there is to delight in all around us, all the time, not shouting for our attention but winking at us and beckoning us to look, see, notice.

Deborah E Suess
1 year ago

so beautiful and helpful. here’s to delight!

Susan Kintner
1 year ago

I am so taken with this blessing and this week’s podcast. Preaching Sunday and quoting you!

Jean Twyman
1 year ago

This really struck me today. My sister is courageously battling a cancer diagnosis. I feel like she has & continues to embody this. Ty!

Alan Follett
1 year ago

My struggle at this point in my life is with limitations, is with finiteness, is with feeling under-valued and no longer needed. I am a retired pastor, retired now for just over three months, retired after having served for a little over twenty years. And, so, for awhile I had been a little at wits’ end … seemingly without purpose, certainly without inspiration (the perceived absence of the Holy Spirit). But, as of late, that grace that makes no sense has restored me to my true self, perhaps a newer self. I have begun a serious inquiry into what’s available… Read more »

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