a blessing for life after loss - Kate Bowler

David Brooks & Kate Bowler: Never, Ever Enough

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a blessing for life after loss

a blessing for life after loss

blessed are you, who feel the wound of fresh loss. or of the loss… no matter how fresh… that still makes your voice crack all these years later.

you who are stuck in the impossibility. frozen in disbelief. how can this be? it wasn’t supposed to be this way.

blessed are you, fumbling around for answers or truths to make this go down easier. who demand answers or are dissatisfied with the shallow theology and trite platitudes.

blessed are we, who, instead, demand a blessing. because we have wrestled with God and are here. wounded. broken. changed.

blessed are we, who keep parenting. who keep our marriages and friendships and jobs afloat. who stock the pantry…

because… what choice do we have? but to move forward with a life we didn’t choose. with a loss we thought we couldn’t live without.

one small step. one small act of hope at a time.

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Cheryl Hopkins
Cheryl Hopkins
20 days ago

Such a beautiful blessing, so timely and true. Thank you, Kate ♥️

John Skirgaudas
John Skirgaudas
20 days ago

Will share in our bereavement group…
Thanks, John

19 days ago

i”t wasn’t supposed to be this way”
Still after 20 years, I struggle to accept the loss and all that entails. Thanks Kate

Cynthia Tews
Cynthia Tews
17 days ago


Pam Luschei
14 days ago

This is beautiful. Thank you. I will share with my online community as we go into the holidays. Just finished your book, “No Cure for Being Human”. Yes to all your words.

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