A Blessing for Loving What Is (instead of what could have been...) - Kate Bowler

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A Blessing for Loving What Is (instead of what could have been…)

Blessed are you who are attempting to love what is here, what is now. You who recognize the wonder and pain looking at life’s rearview mirror, at those things that are gone.

The person you were. The quickness and sharpness of a body that didn’t tire as quickly. The relationships and jobs and aspirations. The people you can’t get back.

Blessed are you, holding the gentle compassion that wraps memories in grace.

And blessed are you, turning your gaze from imagined futures that seem to call out with an unnecessary pressure and an urgency that wants to rob you of what joys still exist.

And oh how blessed are you, drawing a tidy boundary around today and calling it home. For yesterday is a memory, tomorrow a mirage.

Blessed are you, recognizing that the rightsizing of reach and possibility is the heart’s ease of God’s good counsel. Opening your eyes to all that is here. Let its beauty seep into your pores and whisper words of peace.

Receive and welcome reality in its completeness, giving over to God all that is beyond your power to change or understand or return to once again.

And in the meantime, embracing and loving the life you have, the family you have, the pleasures that are yours. Right now.

** This blessing can be found in Good Enough: 40ish Devotionals for a Life of Imperfection.

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Liz Knapp
10 months ago

I’m drawing a tidy boundary around today. Thank you for this.

10 months ago

Amen and amen.

Thank you for your continued “realness” of faith and life. I so enjoy your blessings and conversations with others. They are like balm for my weary soul. Blessings to you, dear @katecbowler. You make a (good) difference in this world.

10 months ago

Thank you so much for your wonderful talks and beautiful blessings!

10 months ago

Thank you so much. In this blessing I hear the promise of healing and hope as I continue to grieve the death of my son.

Angela Graham
10 months ago

Always so grateful for these blessings and this one is especially timely – inviting us to rest in the “now.” Thank you, Kate, as always for your wisdom and generosity of spirit.

10 months ago

SO much loss is hard to embrace completely ALL the time. I accept what is and try to act as if I am coping, but it is a strain much of the time. My husband is cared for in a residential facility due to his progressive MS. I am preparing to sell our house and have moved to a 55+ community. It is all a LOT to process on top of the usual life challenges. Our new reality is nothing like the one we imagined. Support comes and goes making the realization that I am alone in many respects.

10 months ago

This is so beautiful. Thank you

10 months ago

This phrase (invitation, practice) arrested me: “the rightsizing of reach and possibility” — for each of us to discern, in our own narrative, our own life-circumstances. I then experienced as elegant and eloquent your wrap-up, “And in the meantime….” YES. Thank you, Kate, for consistently calling (yourself and) us to this un-cheesy hope, this un-catchphrasy grit, this nuanced faith, this keen seeing, this gentle self-regard.

Kate Finn
9 months ago

These tender true words are from the heart and soul. Ivan viscerally relate. Gracefully and painfully earned wisdom. Heart felt thank you kind Kate Bowler.

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