a blessing for protection

Oh God, there are so many stresses and dangers that bear down upon us, it feels like we are helplessly under siege

O God come to our assistance
guard and protect us from troubles within, and without.

God have mercy
Christ have mercy
Spirit have mercy

How frail is humanity. how short is life, how full of trouble. Job 14:1

God have mercy
Christ have mercy
Spirit have mercy

Rise up, come to our help. Redeem us for the sake of your steadfast love. Psalm 24:36

Blessed are we who cry for help
in the midst of trouble,
when fear grips the heart and slows the breath,
for You are our God and we are your people
come quickly to save us.
Come with all power and might to help us.

Blessed are we who say o God:
we remember how we used to gather and sing
and praise You with joyful hearts
we call to mind Your loving kindness
and the good days You gave us in times past.

O God, come once again in Your mercy
bring rest to our souls, quietness to our minds,
calm to our shaky bodies, hope to our hearts,
and joy. We miss joy. bring back our joy in You,
and in this life You have give us.

We call to You, o God, and You answer
you will not leave us as orphans,
you give us songs in the night,
you hold us in life, build us up,
and light the path ahead in the darkest of places.

Your Spirit o God prays in us
with a loving purity that speaks peace.

You make us actually useful
you give us little things we can do
to take care of each other,
and hold to the good that You have told us
is our inheritance forever.

God have mercy
Christ have mercy
Spirit have mercy

Let your soul rest, until the Yes comes and lights the way ahead.

For all the promises of God find their YES in him. that is why it is through him that we utter our Amen to God for his glory. 2 corinthians 1:20