a blessing for telling the truth (no matter how bitter or sweet)

Blessed are you, resisting the urge to reframe. You who are sick and tired of silver linings.

Blessed are you, speaking honestly about what is right in front of you: 
This is hard. 
Things might not get better. 
This really has gone horribly. 
There may not be a different way. 

You who risk honesty, 
especially when the world around us craves a brightside.

Blessed are we in our gratitude and our pain, 
our pleasures and our limitations. 

Blessed are we, the truth-tellers. 
Whose candor finds a chorus that echos back: “Same.”

May we feel ourselves answered 
by this language of love, 
changed where we can, 
and confirmed where we can’t. 

But loved loved loved all the same. 

P.S. Thank you to the lovely Kate Baer who inspired this blessing.