a blessing for the advent of hope

O God, these are darkening days, with little hope in sight. o God, help us in our fear and desperation. anchor us in hope!

“Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me.” —John 14:1

Blessed are we with eyes open to see the accumulated suffering of danger, sickness and loneliness,

the injustice of racial oppression, the unimpeded greed and misuse of power, violence, intimidation, and use of dominance for its own sake,

the mockery of truth, and disdain for weakness or vulnerability—and worse the seeming powerlessness of anyone trying to stop it.

Blessed are we who ask: where are you God? And where are Your people—the smart and sensible ones who fight for good and have the power to make it stick?

Blessed are we who cry out: o God, why does the bad always seem to win? when will good prevail? o God we trust You, for we know You and love You.

For You o Lord, are the One who seeks out the helpless, lifts them on Your shoulders, and carries them home no matter how broken they are, or what wrong they have done.

O God, seek us out, and find us, we your helpless people, and lead us out to where hope lies where your kingdom will come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. for You are the anchor dropped into the future —our future.

Open your hands as you release your prayers. Then take hold of hope. as protest.