A Blessing for the Body - Kate Bowler

Archbishop Justin Welby: Suspicious of Joy

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A Blessing for the Body

Blessed is the body that offers soft hugs on hard days. Whose curves fit our pets and our kids and our partners.

Whose hands hold another alongside hospital beds and in nursing homes and at the altar and on the first day of school.

Whose breasts nurse and legs run to chase littles and whose toes balance us on the earth. Whose wrinkles tell stories of laughs and tears and worries.

Blessed are these imperfect, fragile bodies. This flesh and bone.

These cells that sometimes duplicate for no reason whatsoever. This skin that is stitched together with scars and stretch marks and fine lines.

Blessed is the body because it is a home. Not just for us, but for those who love us.

And sometimes you just need to stand in front of the mirror and take off all your clothes, and remember that this body, your body, is God’s home address. 

p.s. That last line is inspired by Barbara Brown Taylor, who always says it best.

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Bill Henderson
Bill Henderson
1 month ago

It’s a temple, alright! An unfinished monastery, magnificent and fully occupied.

Rowan Raphael
Rowan Raphael
1 month ago

thank you so much for this. i have been seeing something similar for a while now. I talked to my neice and daughter and discovered that God has several (million) names and two of them are Gillian and Amy

Ronda Walker Weaver
Ronda Walker Weaver
1 month ago

I am a hospital chaplain. I’ve shared this blessing twice this morning; once with a young mother missing her children, and another time with a grandmother, whose two children are sitting right by her. Thank you.

Gina L
Gina L
1 month ago

Your words are always LIFE GIVING. Thank you. Thank you. Keep being the Incurable Optimist. We out here, need it! May God continue to fill you up with everything YOU need. Thank you for serving us.

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