a blessing for the brave

Blessed are you, brave one. you who perform big courageous acts of sacrifice.

he firefighters and military and activists and doctors and nurses and paramedics. You who move toward danger so the rest of us feel a little more safe. 

Blessed are you, brave one. you who do small acts of great love.

The memory keepers who remember for those who can’t. and the parents who long to keep our kids small and safe.

Or you who teach for far less than you are worth. or pastor even when the cranky member complains about the music again.

You who hold people’s hand all the way to the edge. and give you handkerchiefs when they are needed. Your great love moves you closer toward people’s great need. 

Blessed are you, brave one. you who are grieving, even if you feel like you are doing it all wrong.

You who have received the bad news. you who are sitting in the shards of a life that has come undone.

In your fear. in your shaky hope. Brave looks like that too sometimes. 
You who live still. brave and scared at the same time.