a blessing for the dad’s

Bless all the dads—
those who have carried us
on their shoulders,
and in their hearts,
and in their minds,
and all those who have fathered us
in some form or fashion.

The ones who answer our calls
no matter the time of day, who try to fix-it  even if they don’t know how. 

And for those who resort to dad jokes 

just to see us smile.

Those who remind us that we are loved, loved, loved
no matter what.

We thank them and honor them all.
Those we can hug today,
and those who are now gone
and those now distant from us.

And bless all those too for whom fathering is
complicated, difficult, heartbreaking, or incomplete.

Do what only you can do, God:
Bless and heal.

Restore and rebuild all generations,
forwards and backwards in time.