a blessing for the safety of the people of Afghanistan

O God, we have seen the heartbreaking images of Afghan people in peril after its takeover by the Taliban.
O God, send help in this grave hour.
Give justice to the lowly and the orphan; maintain the right of the poor and the destitute.  -Psalm 82:3                            
God, you call us to more than “thoughts and prayers.”
We must be people of generosity and righteous action.
But, as we act, let our hearts also be broken and pray, o God have mercy.
Have mercy on your people.
The people of Afghanistan are suffering.
Blessed are we who dare to pray that a gentler rule prevail,
that human rights may be respected.
Yet we fear for little girls who may never go to school,
for journalists and activists and truth tellers who face imprisonment and death,
for women without rights and freedoms,
for all those persecuted.
God, bring the world to its knees for Afghanistan,
that nations could unite to address this crisis swiftly,
for the safety of these your children.
Pray. Pray. Pray. Don’t look away.

Love your neighbor as yourself. 
Mark 12:31