a blessing for this beautiful, limited day

Blessed are we who see the impossibility
of solving today.
It can’t be done.

God, there are lists on lists
and errands on errands
and a taste, like tin in our mouths,
of the unfinishedness—the imperfectability—of our lives.

Are we counting items instead of knowing what counts?

God, help us live here,
seeing the whole truth of what is.

Blessed are we who walk toward the discomfort,
bringing what gifts we have, and our sufferings too,
whether of illness or loss,
grief or betrayal,
confusion or powerlessness.

Blessed are we who scoot up close
so we can whisper our loves, our fears,
all that feels too heavy to carry alone,
and all that we wish we could hold onto for longer.

Show us what we love.
Show us what we never want to lose.
And show us what we no longer need
here in this beautiful, limited day,
as we place our trust and hope in you.

*From our new book of blessings, THE LIVES WE ACTUALLY HAVE