a blessing for when the day hasn’t turned around

O God, this day has unfolded with everyday human frustrations.
But I’m just so ‘off’ today, that they have me in a downward spiral.

God, come meet me here.
help me understand what’s happening,
and how to reverse it.

God have mercy.
Christ have mercy.
Spirit have mercy.

For I have the desire to do what is right,
but not the ability to carry it out.
Romans 7:18

Blessed, o how blessed are we when we notice
that the day is trending in the wrong direction.
no matter how hard we try,
the answers are not coming,
and even the questions have all trailed away.

Blessed are we when we recognize that it’s time to just stop.
find a moment alone, do something mindless:
repetitive movement, that gets you off the hook,
an action that gives feelings and thoughts a break,
for long enough to let go.

Blessed are we,
who notice something emerging,
a memory of truth revealed, of mercy received,
a comfort, a word,
“you cannot think through a spiritual muddle.
You have to obey it clear.” – Oswald Chambers

And o how blessed are we
who take the first step
and find it has its own springs.

God have mercy.
Christ have mercy.
Spirit have mercy.

Read scripture until one verse shines.
let it light the way. for today.

I run in the path of Your commandments,
for You will enlarge my heart.
Psalm 119:32