a blessing for when things don’t add up

Blessed are you who say:
This did not add up. 
I had hoped these choices I made, 
the life I tried so hard to pick,
would add up to something

But now I’m left without many choices at all. 

Left wondering… did I pick right? 
Did I waste my days? 
What should I have done differently? 

This limited life is what it means to be human. 

In our failures and bad, bad math. 
In our best intentions and hardest work, 
In our waylaid hopes and far off dreams. 

In the love that is never ever too late to give or receive.

Maybe ‘success’ and ‘happiness’ can mean something different now. 
On the other side of a life changed. 

Where minutes become moments. 
And there will never be enough 
sunsets or handholds or jokes shared.

But there is never ever too much love. 

This blessing was inspired by my conversation with Arthur Brooks on the Everything Happens Podcast. Listen to it here.