a blessing for when today already feels like too much

I was hoping to be the kind of person by now
who doesn’t tumble, headlong, into the day
falling, falling, falling
from the high board
without nearly enough water below.

God, I swear I didn’t plan it like this.
But here I am, hoping for another miracle.

Lord, bless these dumb plans
that will short circuit my thinking
and make me fragile, brittle.

Lord, bless these multiplying tasks
that swarm like mosquitoes.

Underneath this to-do list
and these calendar invites
and these many obligations
is a set of loves.

Keep love in front of my eyes.
Love in the car.
Love in the waiting room.
Love on the phone.
Love at my laptop.
Love in the laundry room.

And love, especially,
for the soft heart—mine –
who cared enough to be this tired
in the first place.