A blessing for when you don't feel #blessed - Kate Bowler

Archbishop Justin Welby: Suspicious of Joy

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A blessing for when you don’t feel #blessed

blessed are we who we lose sleep over what troubles us.
whose worries keep us watching the clock tick by.
who have no energy to do anything but fret.
the kingdom of God is here and now.

blessed are we drowning in grief.
when wave after wave after wave crashes over us.
who start to feel okay, then something reminds us of what we’ve lost,
and we’re pulled under once again.
God promises to comfort us.

blessed are we who are silenced,
who and afraid to speak up,
who are forgotten and left out, who feel small,
as though our work, our presence, our lives don’t matter.
the whole world is ours.

blessed are we starving for justice.
when the world around us feels so unfair that we could scream,
but no one seems to be listening.
no one seems to care.
may justice flow like a river.

blessed are we when someone hurts us
when we are offended and we don’t return insult with insult.
instead, we forgive, recognizing the number of times
we’ve needed to be forgiven.

blessed are we when we strip away all the extra.
when we see the world as it really is— broken, tender, fragile, beautiful.
these are the same eyes that see God in everything too.

blessed are we who walk the hard road.
the winding one that doesn’t opt for the shortcut
of rage or resentment or unkind words.
that doesn’t pave over with trite niceties,
but walks toward peacemaking.

blessed are we when facing hardships of all sorts.
blessed are we, working to usher in God’s kingdom of love,
even when it’s hard.

blessed are we.
the imperfect and don’t-have-it-all-together.
God’s beloved.

From Good Enough, now available everywhere books are sold.

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Gemma Kelly
Gemma Kelly
1 month ago

I love this 🙂

Anna Aveey
Anna Aveey
1 month ago

Dear Kate, After listening to your podcast about adoption I was so so filled with love and understanding! I, too, was adopted in a closed adoption in 1967. My birth mother found me 27 yrs ago and it blew our worlds apart. My adopted family disowned me for wanting to know my birth mother and her family. My adopted mom and I lost the once wonderful and close as ever friendship. She then 2 yrs later was diagnosed and died of a flip blastoma brain tumor. I was able to care for her while she was sick. Since about 7… Read more »

Nikki Holm
1 month ago

Oof. Just what I needed today. Thank you.

Karen in SC
Karen in SC
1 month ago

Loved this! It speaks to me in so many ways. Thanks for sharing.

Melissa Page
Melissa Page
1 month ago

This blessing and all of your writing and podcasts, Kate, are a balm. Thank you.

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