A Blessing for when you need to put one foot in front of the other - Kate Bowler

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A Blessing for when you need to put one foot in front of the other

Oh God,
the thought of trying for a new and improved me makes me tired.
I am barely getting anywhere,
so draw me closer to a different vision,
one that sees that I don’t need perfection—

I need love.

Free me from the expectation that life should always be better.
The everyday stressors—the bills, the pressure, the dependents,
the existential fears about the future and the worries of right now.

I am too tired to be more.

Blessed are we, remembering
that the world is not ours to shoulder alone.
Help us put one foot in front of the other
as best we can.

Oh God, today,
give us enough to go on,
give us hope to see a future,
give us joy to see a present
lit up by your love.

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Kate Finn
8 months ago

We’re all so lucky, so blessed that you are a bit of a North Star, a Magellan of the places that would be so much lonelier had you not found them. Thank you for saying “ Yo, guys over here!” Much love and peace to you and yours and Thank You so much.

8 months ago

Perfectly on target, as usual. Thank you.

Rev. Paul Carling
8 months ago

Looooove this site!

8 months ago

Thank you for this amazing, heaping, helpful blessing today. It has lifted up so high. Janice Eastes

Cindy Cronn
8 months ago

OK! How do you know just what I need, right when I need it? Thanks for all you do to continue to remind me of what matters.

Betty Crowley
8 months ago

Thank you Kate, you have a beautiful heart and spirit. I don’t know you personally, however I believe with all my heart you and I would become friends quickly. I am a 1.5 year warrior and Jesus my heavenly dad gave me a second chance at life when I had a double mastectomy and all cancer removed. Put on aromatese inhibitors or anti-estrogen meds….all four had horrible side effects, the least offender was anastrozole. I was on it for a 1.5 year until I made the decision with much praying about with Jesus and my beloved husband Bill. We lost… Read more »

Madeline Stockbridge
8 months ago

Happy is the day I found you Kate Bowler, & your thought provoking podcasts. I savor your blessings & especially needed this one. I’ve recently had a new cancer diagnosis & meeting with Dr. next week for next steps. You bring me hope.

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