A blessing for when you wake up tired (again, today) - Kate Bowler

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A blessing for when you wake up tired (again, today)

God, it’s morning and I’m already tired.

This is the kind of tiredness that muffles promise in a day,
cluttering it with the messes of the past
and the unfilled hopes of the future.

Blessed are we who say,
God, I know that there is goodness and love and beauty somewhere.
It calls, but from beyond my reach.

God, help me.
Sit me down and give me faith like a weighted blanket.
Settle me until each breath, each sigh
can release into your hands
all that is beyond my ability to fix or change or even understand.

Blessed are we
when a new and peaceful path opens
to take the rest that we need
and do the small thing that is possible
with the little that we have
even today.

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4 months ago

Blessed, are you Kate, For giving me just what I needed so dearly this morning. Inch by Inch. Breath by Breath we will keep clinging to the promises of this new day. His mercies are new every morning. If I break up all the things on my overwhelming work list today, into “the small thing that is possible’, it seems much more manageable. Thanks for these blessings. I just love them.

Silke Lamotte
4 months ago

beautiful, thank you!

4 months ago

This really resonates. Especially the line about how starting the day so tired “muffles promise in a day.” Yet, he remains, always, with us. We can offer this fatigue up to him and allow him to settle us. Thanks, Kate.

4 months ago

Lovely and tender.
One of the few things I can pass onto a friend who has a difficult cancer diagnosis.
Thanks for your clear honesty.

4 months ago

I really needed this today. I haven’t been sleeping well due to lots of life things happening. Lack of sleep can be impairing, which in turn can cause more anxiety which leads to difficulties sleeping. Sigh. Just surrendering to this is how it is today.

4 months ago


Paula Green
4 months ago

As always, so beautiful, so simple, so profound & soul-nurturing.

Dee Decheubel
4 months ago

My son is going through a mystery illness and unable to work his job. Some days are better that others, this prayer came the very same day he spent 5 hours in the ER wondering why he felt like he was to pass out. He’s so young too, 26.

Amy Schiffer
4 months ago

Your blessings make me cry in the best of all ways. Thank you.

4 months ago

Thank you Kate, just what I needed this morning… ❤️

Maggie Smith
4 months ago

Synchronicity strikes again, here is what I wrote yesterday I wake to pain and anguish            both in the world and in my                body   I look outside at the Beauty           which surrounds me Fir and cedar temperate rain forest           Our small bay and headland           across the way   Islands of the San Juan Archipelago           to the East North East           where the sun rises Vancouver Island, BC, Ca to the West where the sun sets Beauty to assuage the pain and anguish   Not today Somewhere in the restless night I have lost           My taste for Beauty   The view is… Read more »

4 months ago

Thank you.

Bobbie Prestianni
4 months ago

You are helping me to learn how to pray in such a sincere manner. Most of my life prayers were prescript for me to read and or memorize. I often felt they were written in Hollywood. I am not criticizing others who respond to that type of praying. I just feel as if I might be getting thorough when I am real.
Thank you

Rose Dwight
4 months ago

How can u keep reading r minds?

Walt Lesiw
4 months ago

Beautiful! We are always asking for Blessings and prayers for others. How about taking care of ourselves? This does the trick. Thank you, Kate Bowler,

julie georges
4 months ago

Dear, sweet, Kate – I love you! I love this blessing, yes, but I SOOO love who you are and how you connect in all of your podcasts, with all of your people! Both those you are interviewing and those of us listening. Your voice is so … CONNECTING… it sends my brain to a place where I don’t have to be responsible for a few minutes… it gives me a loving break from my hyper-vigilant, hyper-responsible state…so I can recover and move on. It’s like having a coffee break with “God” – whomever he/she is perceived to be by… Read more »

Catherine Hansen
4 months ago

Kate Bowler is the bridge between my old faith and my new true faith in God and his son Jesus.

4 months ago

Beautiful! And so appropriate for so many. Thank you for sharing.


Allison Tarus
4 months ago

I feel like every blessing you share meets my heart and soul exactly where I am at. I woke up tired today, again. Thank you for sharing so honestly, which will help me make it through today.

4 months ago

I needed this!

4 months ago

This right here, makes me take the breath I needed to face the coming day. Surprisingly just a bit less tired and a bit more hopeful. Thank you for that!

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