A Blessing for When Your Family Disappoints You - Kate Bowler

Archbishop Justin Welby: Suspicious of Joy

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A Blessing for When Your Family Disappoints You

God, the very people who are supposed to
love me and know me best have let me down.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to find a way forward.

I’m losing my sense of home
and the reality of it fills me with a kind of fear.
However big, however small,
this pain feels unforgivable.

I know they’re only human (really, I know),
but their mistakes feel like they echo through me.

They strike a painful chord that rings on and on,
and I feel convinced, all at once, that I am not loved.
Not known.
Not safe.
I feel small all over again.

So bless me, God,
when tears prick at my eyes and I feel lost to myself
Bring me home.

Remind me of the places you’ve brought me,
the person I’ve become,
when I can feel your light and peace.

Forgive them for me when I can’t.
And send some grace for this moment
to keep my heart from breaking,
or my temper from rising,
or any sentence starting with “YOU ALWAYS…”

You remember me when I am a stranger to myself
and an outsider at my own address.
God, bring me home.

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Martha Cook
Martha Cook
20 days ago

This resonates with me these days. I’m glad to read it and hope it can help me let go of some resentment I’m feeling. Slights and snubs and rudeness are hard to cope with from anyone, but especially from close friends and family. Thank you.

20 days ago

Thank-you, Kate. I woke this morning comforted with the knowledge that there’d be a word from you today and this is exactly the prayer I needed.

Anne Bowman
Anne Bowman
20 days ago

Hi Kate B. I am finding a tremendous solace in your podcast and especially the prayers from your site. I am experiencing profound estrangement from my young adult son, a cancer survivor. Somehow I have upset him and since he moved away, has not interacted with me. I know our experience in getting through the highs and lows of a decade of treatment in his teens was beyond a challenge and I am grateful to know he is well physically. It also helps to listen to your experiences with cancer to get perspective for myself. So on all fronts I… Read more »

20 days ago

I sure appreciate this. The line “I feel small all over again” leapt out at me and then the words “God, bring me home” gave me comfort. Thank you.

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