a blessing for when you’re feeling grouchy

complaining is completely underrated. How else can I be honest?

Every frustration has me spinning. And the sheer volume
and timing of each new problem
has me convinced this is a conspiracy. Are they trying to ruin this for me?

I’m trying.
I’m honestly trying here.

God, come meet me here.
Chip away at my chippiness.
Calm my racing heart.
Loosen this feeling in my chest.

Blessed are we when we notice
that the day is trending in the wrong direction.
No matter how hard we try,
the answers are not coming, and even the questions
have all trailed away.

Blessed are we when we recognize that it’s time to just stop,
find a moment alone,
And breathe.

Blessed are we,
who notice something emerging, a memory of truth revealed,
of mercy received,
a comfort, a word.

And how grateful are we
who take the first step,
and find it has its own springs.

*From our new book of blessings, THE LIVES WE ACTUALLY HAVE (2/14/23)