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A blessing for when you’re tired of broken systems

Oh God, I am done with broken systems
that break the very people
they are meant to serve.

Harness this anger.
Channel it into worthy action and show me
what is mine to fix and what boundaries to patrol
to keep goodness in and evil out.

Blessed are we who are appalled
that brute ignorance can so easily dominate
over decency, honesty, and integrity.

Blessed are we, who choose not to look away
from systems that dehumanize, deceive, defame, and distort.
We who recognize that thoughts and prayers are not enough.
We who stand with truth over expediency,
principle over politics,
community over competition.

Oh God, how blessed are we who cry out to you:
empower us to see and name what is broken,
what is ours to restore,
guide us to find coherent and beautiful alternatives
that foster life, hope, and peace.
Help us use our gifts with one another in unity.

Blessed are we who choose to live in anticipation,
our eyes scanning the horizon,
for signs of your kingdom—
as we wait in hope
and act with courage.

This blessing was inspired by my conversation with Bryan Stevenson on the Everything Happens podcast. Click here to listen. It is also in our new book of blessings, The Lives We Actually Have (2/14/23)

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