A Blessing to Take What You Need - Kate Bowler

Archbishop Justin Welby: Suspicious of Joy

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A Blessing to Take What You Need

The feeder is empty again
and no one is claiming that the birds are greedy
for taking what they pleased.

Look at how the fat, pink flowers
are weighing the end of each branch,
sucking nutrients into each velvet petal.
How selfish.

Nature hungers, takes and needs.
God, why can’t I?

Blessed are we, learning to take what we need.
Sleeping past our alarms.
Reaching for another helping.
Staying a little longer when the evening is unwinding.

Blessed are we, ignoring the rising anxiety
that our needs are somehow silly
because we’ve survived this long
without the pleasures of this wanting.

God, let these needs be the good sign
of the greening of my life.

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27 days ago

I don’t know that I can articulate how this has resonated on so many levels, right at the moment I read it, right at the moment it dropped in to my inbox. Thank you Kate. Thank you. It caught me in the moment of the rising anxiety of my hardwired fear of others’ expectations, literally feeling fear in my body that I know is not about a real expectation that I should be doing the gardening I promised right now, rather than reading my compassion based living course manual, with my beloved cat asleep on my lap. The hardwiring is… Read more »

10 days ago

I loved this when I read it, and I’ve read it several times since and shared it. And this morning after a wonderful book group last night, several of us commented that we were afraid we’d used up too much air time. So I shared your beautiful words again, and will read it again myself more times today. Thank you for your lovely heart!

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