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A Blessing When You Want to Belong

Blessed are you playing the stories of who you are through your mind like a filmstrip.
Where you got your laugh or love of music or those terrible navigation skills.
You who can pinpoint yourself on a family tree.
You who know exactly WHOSE you are.

And blessed are you when you don’t belong.
When you can’t explain exactly how you ended up here,
Outside of what was acceptable.
But longing to fit in nonetheless.

Blessed are you in the alienation and the fear,
The “where will I find my people”
The confusion or anger or the still-wounded from unbelonging.

May you feel your own worthiness.
May you feel your own belovedness.
May you find yourself wrapped in a story larger than the one you can trace.
A story of love and hope and courage
A story truer than the one you’ve been told.

Blessed are all of us here, in this family of God.

This blessing was inspired by my conversation with Jeff Chu on the Everything Happens Podcast. Listen to it here.

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7 months ago

Thank you for this encouragement this morning. Talked with our 38 year old son who finally wants to stand in the truth that he has been masking autism for all his life. He is the most courageous kind thoughtful loyal person I know and it hurts to know firstly that I didn’t “get it” about what he was dealing with and make his life easily- and secondly to know how hard things are for him but that he still retains hope in finding someone to love him. Lord rain down love and friends for my Kyle!

7 months ago

I wrote earlier about caring for my sister for 2.5 years. Now that she is gone, I realize that she was the real connection for me to our family. I am struggling to find my bearings. I didn’t realize how important she was. Thank you for this blessing.

7 months ago

I have been binging on all of your podcasts since the beginning, and i mean binge, because I am one of those people that your stories and conversations talk about. This podcast is relevant beyond imagination for me and it is a place where I have found community, understanding, and love. Thank you for your tireless work and joy of being just the way you are, you have allowed me to feel seen, heard, and loved for just the way that I am, broken, sad at times, isolated, and misunderstood. I am learning to set boundaries, speak up, and most… Read more »

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