An Advent Blessing When You Need a Little Hope - Kate Bowler

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An Advent Blessing When You Need a Little Hope

We are saying Merry Christmas
but these are heavy days—
for our struggling earth,
for our countries and their leaders,
our friends and families,
and for ourselves.

Blessed are we with eyes open to see
the world as it really is,
who say: where are you God? and
where are your people?
the smart and sensible ones
who fight for good
and have the power to make it stick?

This Advent, we wait
for the world to be made right.

Oh God, help us
in our fear and confusion,
in our uncertainty and grief
in our despair and longing.

Infuse us with a hope that doesn’t make sense,
with a love that doesn’t add up,
and with joy enough
to endure the long, long nights,
as we wait in hope for thy kingdom come.

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Deby DeHaas
5 months ago

This deeply touches my heart ♥️. Thank you for putting into beautiful words what my heart so often feels. You are true blessing to me.

5 months ago

Amen and Amen! Hear Us Oh Lord!!

5 months ago

So beautiful, it is exactly what my heart needed, thank you!

Rebecca B. Smith
5 months ago

I’m grateful to you for articulating the exquisite incongruity of the season and our natural confusion as to how we should navigate. Wishing all a joyous Christgiving!

Laurie Joan McKnight
5 months ago

Yes, I too pray for a life affirming hope, praying for my daughter who is a nurse practitioner at a local university weighed down by student’s despair and her husband who works for the Jewish Foundation midst growing anti-Semitism, with two small children struggling with every virus that is going around. thank you for speaking your questions and hopes into our hearts.

Stephen Bauer
5 months ago

Thanks Kate! Good reminder! I like Romans 15:13 and 12:12 when I get down.

Lori Moore
5 months ago

Thank you, Kate! So true! I’m sooo excited to see you’ll be part of our Inspired for life Women’s Conference again this year at Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas! Gonna start making contacts with my friends today to attend and share your inspiration.

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