an easter sunday blessing in the not yet

Oh God, I stretch out my hands to you in this early Easter darkness.

 Oh God, I need you to pull me up and set me on my feet again, for I am weak and tired.

God have mercy,

Christ have mercy,

Spirit have mercy.

O God, on that first Easter morning

while it was still dark,

one woman went alone

to the tomb

to do what could be done to love you, to honor you,

though hope had drained away.

And two bright angels met her there,

and your very being also—

your own glorious self!

Fully alive, beyond believing.

Blessed are we

who stretch out our hands to you

in doubt and grief

in sickness of limb and mind and spirit.

Blessed are we

who do what yet can be done

to heal what yet can be healed

and sing our alleluias great and small

even when it is still dark.

On the evening of the first day of the week, suddenly Jesus stood among them and said “peace be with you!”

John 20:19

God have mercy,

Christ have mercy,

Spirit have mercy,

Close your eyes and rest. Let this peace take hold: God is awake.