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permission to feel it all

I feel things big. And for the longest time, I felt so much shame because of it. I need reminders that my emotions are not bad or good. They’re just information.

You feel angry because this is unjust. You feel sad because this is awful. You feel tired because this is exhausting.

Your emotions are not wrong or bad or lying to you or the full truth. They’re giving you a bit of data that you shouldn’t ignore. We love and lose and fall and get back up and fail and try again.

This is what it means to be human, to feel the pain, the grief, the stress, the risk, the fear, the heartbreak. So you, beautiful creature, you here is your permission slip to feel it all, to feel the joy and delight and excitement and the sorrow and fear and despair.

All the yellows and pinks and violets and grays, because you are the whole damn sky.

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Cathy Miller
1 year ago

I just LOVE everything about this blessing, along with your other blessings. You are such a breath of fresh air. I lost my husband on September 2, 2021 after a double lung transplant went bad. I miss him with every breath. Thank you for being a companion along this long, hard, heart wrenching journey. I feel like you and I could be friends, so thank you for that comfort. Keep on keeping on.

Elaine Torrence
1 year ago

It was such a good episode. These podcasts really help me carry the burden of my husband’s death and all that means.

Carrie Dortch
1 year ago

Love Kate’s podcast. They are so real, so boots on the ground and so positive. Thank you Kate, for the love and encouragement to live life more fully!

1 year ago

Thank you for saying this outloud. My heart is broken and bursting sometimes on a daily basis. 💔 But I have taken this pain to a tree in the park everyday, because I have found it is the only thing that can absorb the biggness. LJ

Shawn Walsh
9 months ago

I shared this with many of my friends today… each one of them replied back, how did you know I needed this today. Thank you for all that you do and giving us permission to feel all of it.

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