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Hello my dear,

Are you ready for Christmas? I used to hate that question. It usually comes when I am already overwhelmed and on the quick path toward burnout. Christmas can easily become another checklist in my already too-full life. But Christmas should feel different. Shouldn’t it? It is the symbol of plenty, of fulfillment, of more-than-enough-ness, and of the expectation that perhaps while we wait for Christ’s birth, we might practice being a little more loving, more forgiving, more patient.

After another year has probably not turned out like you expected it would (it never does), we see the world as it has always been—a world who waits for its Savior to come again and put things right. Advent is a chance for us to wait for the kingdom of God to break in together.

Inside this free 4-week Advent Devotional, you’ll find daily entries that begin on Sunday, November 27th and walk you through Advent and Christmastide. There are daily short reflections, scripture to mull over, and discussion questions to ask around the dinner table. Use this guide on your own, with your family, or grab a few friends or small group.

My hope and prayer is that this Advent Devotional will be a way for you to make the very act of waiting, holy. And as we anticipate Christ’s birth together, may we experience the stubborn hope of Christmas, joy in the midst of sorrow, a love that knows no bounds, and a transcendent peace amid a world on fire. May this be a Christmas worth waiting for.

Onward together,


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