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Everything Is Happening!!

Today is one of those days when I don’t know whether to laugh maniacally or mouth breathe into a pillow. Someone pause the life train because EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING TODAY!!!!

The project that started as a collection of moderately-comical emails and conversations with my far more brilliant and beautiful people is now officially published and out in the world. Holy. Cannoli.

I hope this book is only the beginning of the conversation. I have been honored to hear stories of hope, frustration, and solidarity following last week’s New York Times op-ed. If I’ve learned anything in the past few years, it’s that hard times are best endured together. There is nothing worse than climbing a dark mountain alone. It’s been a huge gift to learn from and laugh-cry with you all.

The world deserves all your stories. Maybe you’re living through illness, or grief – or love someone who is – and don’t know what to say. Maybe your faith has been a source of fortitude, or hurt, or just one big question mark. Maybe someone responds to your horrible news with an invitation to buy their app (it’s happened).

Share your own #liesiveloved or #everythinghappens moments on social media. Let’s connect and raise our collective glasses to the lies we’ve all loved.

I’m especially excited to share my podcast, Everything Happens, which also launches this afternoon! Make sure to subscribe to be notified when Episodes 1 & 2 go live! The podcast examines what people have learned in their own hard times, and what it feels like to live a non-shiny life in a world that prefers glittery people. Join me as I bask in the glory of NYT Bestselling Author and Coolest Human Rev. Nadia Bolz Weber and Eternally Wise Dr. Ray Barfield. Nadia’s episode is devoted to the insight of outsiders, and how Nadia learned to confront her own demons with hard truths, good company and a delightfully inappropriate sense of humor. You’ll get to know Ray in my book, but his story as a pediatric oncologist deserves his own spotlight. Episode 2 focuses on what one particular patient taught him about medicine and life.

Friends in New York City, join me tonight at The Riverside Church book launch. Registration is free, the awkward anecdotes will be flowing, and you’ll get a first look inside Everything Happens!

This season is wild, but so, so flipping rich.


Everything Happens: And Other Lies I’ve Loved is available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon, and anywhere books are sold. 

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3 years ago

Thank you Kate for writing “Everything Happens For A Reason and Other Lies I’ve Loved”! Honestly, I had my husband purchase your book purely on the title name – didn’t see the “other lies I’ve loved” part until it arrived in the mail. I read the full cover name and laughed! Dang I thought, I wanted to know what the reason was – the secret finally reviled! However, after reading your book, my husband and I loved your book – your feelings/thoughts on paper have changed our lives for the better. We can’t THANK YOU enough! You have inspired me… Read more »

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