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June Book Club: Turtles All The Way Down

Well hello my dears,

As you may have heard, I’M LAUNCHING A BOOK CLUB (you can read more about that here) where I will feature a mix of fiction, non-fiction, and spiritual titles over the next several months. And I’m so excited to kick it off with John Green’s gorgeous young adult novel, Turtles All The Way DownIt follows a young woman’s attempt to know who she is in the midst of her illness, discovering lessons about love and meaning in the middle of the things she can’t change.

There are lots of ways to engage the material. Each month we will have discussion questions, places to interact on social media, new articles hosted here at, and new Everything Happens podcast episodes that coincide with the book—but don’t worry, no spoilers. And it’s totally free (my Mennonite family’s favorite word), so if you can’t purchase the book or can’t find extra time to read, I would love for you to participate by engaging the extra resources.

And there are lots of ways to get connected too—whether that’s leaving comments here on the website or jumping on the Twitter chat or making new friends on an Instagram comment thread. Maybe these conversations can extend into your living room, at your favorite coffee shop, at your office, or in your church. No matter where the conversation takes place, my hope and prayer is that these books will become a gathering place for us to develop shared language and feel a bit less lonely. Will you join me?

June Book Selection

Grab or borrow a copy of Turtles All The Way Down by John Green from your favorite retailer or request it from your local library. Audible or eBook editions are great options, too.


Join the Conversation

We will be discussing together online—through Twitter chats, Facebook threads, and Instagram Q&As. I can’t wait to see you there.
    • Debbie, we are glad you are joining too! Looking forward to learning from your unique perspective.
      Team Everything Happens

  • Hoping FB isn’t a necessary component as I haven’t been active on FB since 2014 though I am on IG. So excited for this opportunity. Thank you for your effort in building this community. Do you think it’s too late for me to try to climb aboard for this book?

    • Not too late at all. Join us! You can engage however you’d like– comments on the blog, instagram, even gathering a group in person.

  • Confused.. DID my registration for the book club go through? I was on my tablet. If not, pls add me to the group. Thanx…

    • Hi Ginny! There is no official registration. But we’ll make sure you’re added to the email list so you stay up-to-date. Glad you’re joining us.

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