How to Grieve Well: A Special Conversation

In the wake of Rachel Held Evan’s death, so many of you have asked questions like: 

What do I do with these awful feelings?

When will they stop? 

Can I feel sad even if I never met her?

I hope this will help. I know it helped me.

How to Grieve Well: A Special Conversation

What can we expect in the first moments of loss? How is it possible to grieve someone we may have never met? How can we best support people who are in mourning? In this special conversation, Kate speaks with Reverend Dr. Susan Dunlap about how our minds, bodies, and hearts respond to deep loss and the best practices for allowing ourselves space to grieve well.

Read the full transcript, here. 

Show Notes:

Learn more about Rev. Dr. Susan Dunlap and her work, here.

Read the sermon by William Sloane Coffin that Rev. Dr. Dunlap mentions.

Kate reads A Blessing for the Brokenhearted by Jan Richardson at the close of this conversation. Jan Richardson’s book of blessings, The Cure for Sorrow is a beautiful companion to grief.

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