Ari Johnson: More Than Enough

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Your Pain is Also Mine

I recently had a dream that I almost drowned in the ocean shallows. I was floating when a massive whirlpool formed beneath me. I tried to get my bearings but I couldn’t swim agai...
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Join the Kate Launch Team!

I never got really good at asking for help, even in the days when I really, really needed it. But in my hardest days, it didn’t matter that I didn’t know how to ask. My people ...
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Christmas Is Not Enough

Advent is preparation for the great inversion: God coming to Earth in the form of a human baby; the ruler of the cosmos trapped in a squalling package of helpless flesh. But this C...
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Mix and Knead Well

Perhaps the most oddly comforting thing about joining the Mennonite club is they insist that suffering never be done alone. This week, my family gathers in Manitoba to celebrate th...
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