As every schoolchild knows, the verb “shrink” comes from the Old English scrincan, which in turn is derived  from an older Scandinavian word: skrynka, meaning “to wrinkle”. Shrink is an important word to people with nasty tumours on their liver; shrinkage is what we want to happen and it is want we want to see revealed in the scans that patients periodically undergo. Great is the tension before the images are revealed and discussed with the doctor.

I am happy that today’s report in Atlanta shows continued shrinkage of the most worrisome lesion and the stabalization of the other ones. An anxiety-producing spot on the lung which was noted in the last scan is now gone (if it was ever really there). The doctor is happy and that means that the rest of us can be happy too, at least for the next couple of months until the next scan.

Thank you all so much for your support, kind thoughts and prayers. Fighting cancer is a team effort and Kate is deeply moved and grateful to have you all on her side.

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  1. Julie Stroud

    Such good news!

    It is beautiful in Minnesota now, with long days, intense greenery and carefully cultivated flowers of all colors, shapes and sizes holding court.

    So much to celebrate, here and there.

  2. Joe moder

    Good to hear. We are sitting talking with Jolene when she asked about Kate. So, we looked on line! Thanks for the info. Our thoughts and prayers continue to you all.

    Joe Leona Jolene and Steve.

  3. Kyle and Maggie

    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. It is humbling indeed to hear that Kate is grateful to us. Instead, it is a privilege to be included (invited) into another person’s anguish and hurt – something that is too often forgotten when we want to rush forward and say, “how are you today? Any better? Any news? Do tell all!”. Lord, never let us lose sight of how exhausting it can be answering all those questions. And may we never confuse concern with curiosity!!
    Kate-continue to get better (I’m sure that Thot had never occurred to you before!!) and we most certainly are VERY thankful to hear that shrinkage is in the rise! Hugs

  5. Monica Wood

    Hi Professor Bowler,

    You have been on my mind, so I thought I would check into your blog and see how you were doing. I am so happy to read your most recent report. “Progress” and “shrinkage” are great updates. I will share with my fellow MACP ’15 classmates. And, I continue to pray for you and your family during this season.

    Continued blessings.

  6. Hi Kate, you spoke at our church on Sunday. It was such an honor to have you share your life and thoughts with us in the honest, funny, sad, kind, brave, frank way you did. Thank you!

  7. Jason (DDiv Intern)

    Hallelujah. #skrynka #TeamBowler

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